The word "Bloody" was a curse word in pirate days.

What is a pirates favorite cookie?

Ships Ahoy!

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Tale of RootJack: Part 3

The crew, now convinced that Astrea was imbued with VooDoo magic, dared not anger her for fear of the repercussions.

In September of 1685, Grammont's ship and one commanded by Nicolas Brigaut made their way up the Atlantic coast of Florida in an attempt to attack St. Augustine. Brigaut went inshore and his ship sank while caught in a storm.

Grammont directed his ship in, and hit the same bad weather. The ship was rocked by wind and waves. Astrea seized an opportunity to push Grammont over the side during a nasty list. He was never seen again.

Astrea wasted no time in taking control of the vessel. The fearful crew asked no questions.

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