Even today people suffer from scurvy.

How does a pirate call home?

With an Aye Phone

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Pirate Drinks: Part 2

These drinks are large, in fact they be large enough to share. Make a pirate friend and share yer favorite drink.

RootJack Bumboo
1 Bottle RootJack
2oz Spiced Rum*
1 Cinnamon Stick
Sprinkle of Nutmeg

RootJack Plank Walker
1 Bottle RootJack
1oz Whisky*
1oz Coffee Liqueur*

Shiver Me RootJack
1 Bottle RootJack
2oz Peppermint Schnapps*
1oz Vodka*

RootJack Cooler
1 Bottle RootJack
2oz Spiced Rum*
1oz Grenadine
1oz Lime Juice

Crow's Nest
1 Bottle RootJack
2oz Jagermeister*

*Avast ye' Hardies!
Drink smartly. Only squiffy lubbers feel the black spot from their jolly grog.

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